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Teardrop Campers

The Naledi Camper was created out of a passion for travelling, ease of use and the closest contact possible with nature, whilst minimising our footprint in the environment.

We use the latest technology and materials in construction, but one cannot forget about the importance of hand workmanship. At Naledi we all share a passion for our work and our finishings show the care and personal touch of every person.

We are not just building a trailer… we are building a lifestyle for you to enjoy countless adventures

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About Us

The Africa I have come to experience, the Africa I marvel at time and again is one I have witnessed from both the entry to a humble tent and the veranda of an exquisite hotel room. Every time she remains unchanged, but for years I have wondered how to best reconcile the comfort of a hotel with the simplicity of the tent. I like my comfort, but without the need for hustle and bustle.

My many years in and around Southern Africa have left me wondering how to travel from one spot to another, avoiding unnecessary activities and spending more quality time for rest and relaxation. After all, in this fast-paced world, minutes and seconds begin to count. In my travels, speaking to other adventurers both on the road and on online platforms, I discovered I was not the only one wrestling to find a solution.

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Research and getting acquainted with the many different options available, I came to the conclusion that teardrop campers offer the best solution. They do not require much effort in setting up camp, and whether it’s one night or several, everything happens literally in seconds. I am safe from the elements, I can treat myself to an ultra-comfortable mattress that does not need inflating or folding away and I can have a fully equipped mini kitchen. What more could I need? I realised, this is how I want to travel!

I admit, I’m a fussy guy. I wanted something modern, built with leading technology and materials that have up until now, been reserved for building modern motor cars. That’s why, one day, in 2019, I sat down at the drawing board and committed my vision to paper. I was proud of my project but it wasn’t enough. I knew I didn’t only want this for myself but to share it other like-minded travellers who want what I want from life. I needed my vision to become real and so I began to build…

This is how Naledi, my star, was born!

Naledi Campers are available at R289 000 (all inclusive).




  • Mattress specially designed and manufactured for Naledi from 100mm hi density foam
  • Roof mounted fan, multi speed with dual directional air-flow 
  • Interior LED lighting system designed to provide relaxing ambient glow
  • Interior Cup holders for easy reach during the night
  • Storage shelf for kit bags
  • 2 x Side mounted 220v 3-pin plug point with USB outlet (1 on each side of cabin)
  • 2 x Side mounted 5v 2.1 Amp USB outlet powered from 12 v supply 
  • Complete set of bedding and towels



  • Microwave
  • Full set of crockery for 4 travellers
  • Set of pots and pan
  • Kitchen utensils 
  • Single plate induction top
  • Single burner gas stove ( disposable butane canisters )
  • All wood worktop with kitchen sink and tap
  • 55L fridge/freezer from National Luna  ( nose cone mounted )
  • Electric ( 220v ) kettle
  • Set of storage containers ( coffee, tea, rusks, etc )
  • Soft storage bags for goods in transit
  • 2 x drawers for kitchen equipment with lock mechanism
  • Hidden LED lighting system 
  • 220v 3-pin plug point



  • 100 Amp/h lithium-ion battery
  • 120 W roof mounted solar panel
  • Victron 220v 15amp charger
  • Victron MPPT charge controller 
  • 12v and 220v db board with camp site 2p+e plug inlet



  • Aluminium + composite body with sub frame & 2mm outer skin, insulated with hi density polystyrene 
  • Side windows from 4 mm toughened tinted low emission safety glass
  • Insulated tale gate 
  • RAPTOR military grade paint 
  • Ultra light wheel arches 
  • Roof rail for ease mounting of awning 
  • 2x2m pull out awning


Chassis & Axle

  • Steel construction cross members with laser cut sides, sand blasted and powder coated
  • 60L Water tank mounted above the axle for perfect weight distribution.
  • AL-KO Rubex 750 Kg axle with AL-KO shock absorbers
  • 14” steel rims fitted with 185/65/14 tyres

– All specifications listed above are standard –

Naledi’s sizeable windows are designed to embrace the beauty of each journey. 

Competitors may follow, but you can’t beat Naledi’s signature design and ingenuity!


Naledi Campers are available at R289 000 (all inclusive).


NALEDI built by RIDER Automotive Components

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